I’m losing interest in the MCU

so ive just heard the news on daredevil and it was kind of the last straw i need to say something about this because for a little while now my interest in marvel has been decreasing.

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Top 5 Movies

So I decided to have a think about this and figure out what my top 5 favorite movies of all time are and I am damn sure that its a list a lot of people including basically everyone I know would be pretty surprised by. and just to get it out of the way now there is no Star Wars and no Back to the Future. Only one of these movies is actually a classic.

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Summer anime – 2019

Okay so I’ve recently started getting into watching seasonal anime rather than just constantly trying to catch up on my ever growing backlog but I might have been slacking this whole time. At the moment of writing this I am only two or three episodes into each of the anime I am watching this season and no Ii am not watching all of the anime coming out just a select 10 anime that I have been interested in and/or heard good things about. I was watching a couple others I wont get into because I’ve dropped them already and I already do enough complaining in my every day life and I’d like this to be a bit more positive so I’ll be talking about the 10 anime I am currently watching (that are ongoing as I’m watching around 17 different ones right now)

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